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Random Friday Facts: I just ran a marathon edition

November 4, 2011

Like Cady in Mean Girls, I have word vomit: I can’t stop talking about the marathon. I can hear myself being annoying, but I just can’t stop. So to minimize my annoyingness, I present this edition of RFF that will alternate marathon-related facts and non-marathon related facts. You are welcome.

1) I can’t decide if I should write a marathon recap or not. Oddly enough, I can’t remember a lot of what happened during the marathon. I think I blacked out (survival mechanism?). If I were to write a recap, it would go like this: went out too fast on hills, IT band hurt, ate anything that was offered to me from the crowd (swedish fish! beer! donut holes!), made some awesome faces in the official photos, saw amazing friends at mile 23, started singing “Livin’ on a Prayer” out loud at mile 25 to keep myself from losing my mind, crossed the finish line, cried, found Brett and got on the bus to get the hell out of there and get me some pizza.

2) I have really big front teeth. When I was younger they also stuck out a lot. Thanks to the magic of orthodontics, they’re now just really big. So big in fact, that sometimes when I forget to make sure my mouth is closed all the way (is this just a problem I have??!), all you can see are my unfortunate rabbit-teeth. Like so:

I believe that my friend Abbey said I look like a “homicidal bunny” in this photo. She’s not wrong….

3) I’m experiencing massive post-race euphoria. I want to sign up for every and all races in the DC area in 2012, and maybe even some that aren’t in DC. But I’m trying to be rational and cautious. Training for the marathon sucked up all of my time and energy, and by the end I was seriously struggling with motivation, injuries and just feeling f8cking exhausted. I’ve got my eye on a couple of half-marathons in March, and I’m also considering signing up for a sprint tri. Just need a bike and someone to teach me how to swim like a real person…. Anybody in the DC area want to help with either of those?

4) I’m researching beach vacations in January. We’ll be on recess for most of the month and I will *I WILL* take a real vacation soon. Any suggestions? Preferably cheaper destinations, because I’m pretty much broke….

5) I want to start working on getting fast(er) again. I feel like training for a marathon destroyed of all my speed. I’m not a fast person by any stretch of the imagination – I think I once ran an 8:30 mile, alert the media – but I’d love to get faster.

6) I recently started a book club, because I’m a 45 year old housewife. We met for the first time last night and our first book was Sarah’s Key (bookclub verdict: meh.) I love having that commitment to see some awesome ladies at least once a month, because when my job is crazy (it always is) I tend to go to work, go to the gym, and go home to sleep. Yes, I am a social butterfly.

7)  Brett ran the marathon undertrained, exhausted from working 80+ hours at the hospital, and injured and finished in 4:30. I don’t even want to talk about it.

8) I forgot to brush my teeth this morning (?!?!). Who does that? I have a toothbrush at work, so it’s not a complete crisis, but as I said on the Twitters, I’m pretty concerned I have a brain tumor.

Hope you have a fantastic Friday!


Wordless Wednesday: The many (ridiculous) faces of my Marine Corps Marathon

November 2, 2011


October 28, 2011

Maybe I should’ve posted you know, once, in the last two months, but as per the norm, life has been crazy busy. Add that marathon training business in and I pretty much have no motivation to do anything but work, run, do laundry, sleep, and eat all the carbs. Which I am succeeding at.

The marathon is in two days. I start getting a little queasy every time I think about it because my training definitely didn’t go the way I wanted it to. After the bone scan in the last post, I was cleared to run (no fractures!) after about a week. I only got in a couple of long runs (I think 10, 14, 18, and 20) before I needed to start tapering. And then I had a lot of work travel during the taper, so I didn’t get in a lot of running then either.

However, I still raised almost $1,500 toward kicking cancer’s ass. Pretty psyched about that.

So, wish me luck, wish me not dying and crashing, wish me not sh*tting my pants, and wish me a sub-5-hour marathon (I don’t know about that one but a girl can dream).

Bone scan

September 13, 2011

I had my bone scan today (because I busted my foot two weeks ago). My x-rays last week were inconclusive, so this morning they shot me up with some radioactive phosphorous. As it was explained to me (and I’m slightly braindead lately so this might not be at all correct) the phosphorous would help them view more clearly if my footsie is indeed busted.

Basically I laid on a table for an hour and napped. Afterwards they printed out the full body scan as well as pictures of my foot. Which looked a lot like this and meant nothing to me:

Photo credit Radiographics

I now have to make an appointment now to see my doctor again to get the results analyzed. Sounds like a pain in the ass, right? Well, it is.

But you know what makes it significantly better? A friend stopping by my office with a bag of candy for me.


So it’s not all sunshine and butterflies and unicorn poop over here right now; I haven’t run in two weeks and I’m under orders not to start until we see the scans. Not sure how this is going to affect me running the Marine Corps Marathon at the end of October but my Team in Training coach thinks I should still be able to make it work if my foot is not too busted.

Until then, I’ll be  working my way to the bottom of that candy bag.

FML Friday

September 2, 2011

The last three weeks have been pretty rough. I’m not particularly articulate and some of it’s a little too personal to share, but work has been rough and my morale is low. I also went on my first 14 mile run on Tuesday before work (my longest run to date), felt fine, got back into my apartment, and immediately felt pain in my left foot, in a spot where I’ve never felt pain before.

It’s really hard to explain, but it hurts to the touch on the outside of my foot, and then it also hurts on the bottom when I’m walking. I’ve been gimping around work since Tuesday, and dedicating the rest of my time to the couch and Schlafly Pumpkin Ale. I’ve also been going to sleep at 10pm or before every night because I’m so freaking tired from being stressed out at work.

And the fact that the Schlafly is 8% alcohol might be helping me in that department as well…

Come to mama.

Basically, I’m a mess.

And today at work I totally ate my feelings.

What did I eat? Three pieces of pizza, diet Dr. Pepper, my coworker’s Thin Mints, and a DONUT I TOOK OUT OF THE GARBAGE. Granted, it was still in the Dunkin box, but seriously Beth? Has it really gotten that bad?

I finally got back to the gym tonight, and hit up the stationary bike for 9.35 miles in 35 minutes and the end of Resident Evil (apparently I can only watch horror movies at the gym, because I am in no way scared there amongst all the people and the fluorescent lights). I have no idea if that was a good pace on a bike, but I did a hill program and it destroyed me. Then I hopped on the elliptical, which my foot was not so happy about and knocked out another 30 minutes. I also forced myself to sign up for a 9am yoga class (and pay in advance) so I wouldn’t flake out tomorrow.

It felt good to get the old heart pumping again after a couple days on the couch, but what worries me the most about my foot is that I’m so stressed out and tired from work that I don’t even feel like I’d be super depressed if I missed the marathon because I was injured.

WTF? Where is my normal fire and passion to be better, to do more? I don’t like it at all that work seems to be sapping that energy out of me… Got some things I need to consider for the future.

But for right now, happy Friday and more importantly, HAPPY MICHIGAN FOOTBALL STARTS TOMORROW DAY!!!!!


P.S. Also, um, bike people, how do you keep your lady bits and bum from hurting? I already know that they’re going to be giving me grief tomorrow…

Toenail lasers?

August 29, 2011
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I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a “toenail laser treatment”… For what reason does one laser toenails??!

Anyways, back to your regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Will somehow get a 14-mile run in tonight or tomorrow – wish me luck!

Running on the Road: Norfolk, Virginia

August 21, 2011

Sorry friends, I’ve been traveling for work, which means I don’t post because I’m too tired. Also I blog for work, so sometimes the last thing I want to do (or can do) is write anything clever and insightful.

But lately I’ve been trying to challenge myself to at least keep it healthy on the road, if not blog about keeping it healthy. When I first started in my job I gained a few pounds because of work trips and the fast food that they entailed. Usually when we travel, we’re so busy that fast food is the only thing you can get, or you just don’t eat. One of my coworkers, who’s a vegetarian, ate basically Starbucks and bread one day because we literally didn’t have time for/couldn’t find anything else.

Anyways, part of keeping it healthy on the road – and training for my first marathon! – is finding time to get a run in. But since I have such a strong sense of self-preservation (read: really don’t want to get raped or shanked) I usually am too chicken shit to go run in an area I’m not familiar with.

Enter another one of my coworkers, who assured me that there was a waterfront multiuse trail in Norfolk, and that no, I was going to be killed if I ran on it. Allegedly this trail is called the Elizabeth River Trail, but I didn’t see a whole lot of signage, so who knows about that.

Verdict? AWESOME trail and BEAUTIFUL run. I headed out around 7 to run 5 miles, so the sun was still pounding down (it’s hot in Norfolk) for the first half of my run. I took my iPhone (which I never do, because ugh carrying stuff) because I thought I might want to get photos/have my phone to dial 911 if I needed to. I didn’t bring my Garmin with me on the trip, so I used iMapMyRun to see how fast/far I was going. At one point it said I was running 31 mph so I don’t know about that…

Anyways, here are some photos from the run, which went through a lot of different areas in downtown Norfolk/Ghent, and should most definitely be on your list of things to do if you make it to beautiful Norfolk, Virginia.

Norfolk waterfront at sunset

That's the Battleship Wisconsin, sup?

A pagoda, because, why not?

Have you done any beautiful runs while traveling for work and avoided getting kidnapped? How do you stay healthy on the road?