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11 in 2011

January 3, 2011

It’s about time for those yearly resolutions. I’d already started on mine, but I had a few setbacks during my 10-day vacation in Michigan and Florida.

I only got in two workouts the whole time and I ate a lot of crap, with the excuse that it was the holidays, so why not? (That is not a legitimate excuse.)

I can forgive those setbacks, but I especially want to make sure that they don’t push me off the road to not-sucking-at-life.  I’ve worked too hard to pull it together to give up now. 

So I’ve put together 11 resolutions for 2011 – many I’ve already started on, but all that I need to reinforce. Here we go!

  1. Travel Westerly. I want to see the Golden Gate Bridge, I need to visit (two!) of my best friends in LA, and I have not yet been to Colorado, and I’m pretty sure I would be obsessed with it. 
  2. Smoke my second half-marathon in May, 
  3. Get promoted. Don’t we all want this?
  4. Keep eating healthy, less meat and dairy (I don’t eat much of this to begin with) and drop some unnecessary poundage. 
  5. Get my sleeping schedule in gear (this will never happen, but A for effort).
  6. Save a lot more money and get my spending under control.
  7. Declutter my life. Find a system to keep my apartment consistently clean. Finish painting it! And finish moving in, finally.
  8. Rediscover my photography love. 
  9. Live a more examined life. 
  10. Be a better, kinder, and happier friend, daughter, and girlfriend. 
  11. Volunteer my time to some worthy causes! Any suggestions?? 
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