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Two Crazy Beth-isms of the Day

February 2, 2011

1) I used to work at the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune alongside the guy who took this photo, which is blowing up the internets. 

2) I got so bummed out by the idea of the dog in the photo below being blown around by the blizzard and probably freezing to death that I googled the image (it was presented without a source on BuzzFeed), after about 10 minutes found a source, went to the Tribune site, got the photographer’s email and sent him this:

Saw your great photo on BuzzFeed, but I have to ask: did you take the dog inside? 🙂



To which he replied 

Hi Beth

I got a ton of people asking me that. He was with his owner, who I can’t believe brought him out in that weather. It was horrible out!

Take care,


That kinda made my day a little bit. 

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