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April 7, 2011
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Earlier this week, I got a One Lovely Blog award from Miss Megan Eaton aka sweet-on!

According to Megan: “the rules of the award are simple (and optional for those bloggers I nominate who want to continue):

1. Make a post and link back to the person who awarded you this award
2. Share seven things about yourself
3. Award 15 2 great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won”

Here are seven things about me you might not have known:

  • I was adopted! Despite this, some people think I look like my parents, which I find hilarious. l love being adopted, and it gives me something to be grateful for every day. I fully intend to adopt a child some day as well (some day very, very far in the future).
  • I work for a United States Senator doing PR. Like all the other jobs in my life, I kinda fell into this one, and was incredibly lucky that I did. I work with ridiculously intelligent, hilarious people every day (and sometimes ALLLL day) and I am constantly challenged. I am also fortunate that I get to take photos and video every day, which leads to the next point…
  • I have a master’s in photojournalism from Boston University and am a photo snob. Although I try to keep it under control. Sometimes. However, the thing that most irritates me is when people photosnob it up without actually having any real knowledge – as in buying thousands of dollars worth of equipment without having any actual ability to take photos. Not to toot my own horn, but I get a ton of compliments on my photos and I usually take them with a beginner class Nikon D90 or a point-and-shoot. It is the photographer, not the camera!
  • I talk too much about running and how awesome it is (Um, if you are here on my blog, you probably know this). I can hear myself being obnoxious to non-runners, but I just can’t make myself stop. The worst is when I’m talking to another runner. I can basically hear the people around us thinking how they’d rather stick pencils in their eyeballs than continue listening to our conversation.
  • I looooove to read. Always have, always will. My mom used to drop me off at Border’s when I was little and I’d start a book and then she’d pick me back up in a couple of hours when I had finished it. I realize now that that behavior probably did not help Border’s avoid bankruptcy, whoops. Latest greatest book I’ve read is Born to Run. So, so entertaining! Loved the voice of the narrator.
  • I am the happiest, most at peace version of myself when I am outdoors. I love to hike, swim, bike, you name it. I need to make more time for this, but it’s really hard with the unpredictability of my job. 
  • Nothing upsets me more than when something is unfair. My parents tell hilarious stories about how I would get in their faces as a little kid when they were yelling at my sister and I thought it wasn’t justified. To this day, I have no ability to filter myself when I see behavior that I think is unfair.

I’m going to nominate two lovely ladies to receive a One Lovely Blog award as well. Kat and Miemo, you’re up! Go get ‘em 🙂 

I leave you with a pretty picture – that was taken with a crappy point-and-shoot 😉 

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