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April 27, 2011
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Sup homies. I haven’t posted much lately, because honestly, there hasn’t been much to post about, except me being tired and full of pollen. 

I spent all last week traveling around the state with the member of Congress I work for, doing my thing taking photos and video and blogging. And tweeting. And facebooking.

It was fun but exhausting. 

Then I flew to Michigan for my grandparent’s 65th wedding anniversary (crazy!). Also fun.

Those are my real grandparents, but not my real height. Thanks heels! 

Now I’m back in DC, hating on all the trees that are suddenly in bloom and being cracked out at the office from my daily Zyrtec-D. 

Why does something so pretty cause so much suffering for me??!! 

I’ve only run twice (two 3 milers) in the last week and a half because of the travel and how my IT band has felt like poop. The first run, last Thursday, was horrible, terrible, no good and very bad. The second run, on Monday, was much better. It was about 80 degrees and 80 percent humidity, which is new to me, so that almost killed me, but my knee didn’t hurt and that makes me a happy girl.

However, I think I lost my iPod nano, which does not make me a happy girl. But it did lead to me running with my iPhone the other night, which lead to this photo:

I get to walk past this every day…My life is hard.

For the rest of the week I’ll be catching up on sleep and then this weekend I’ll be heading to Chicago for a bachelorette party (my very first!). Finally, I’ll head back to DC on Sunday for two weeks and one free weekend (yay!) before the half-marathon. 

Wish me luccccck! 🙂 

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