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A Song of Fire and Ice

May 24, 2011

I suck at updating my books page, but lately I’ve been reading the A Song of Fire and Ice series by George R. R. Martin – and oh my god. I haven’t read a fantasy series this good since the Dresden Files (which is good in a very different way). I’m currently on book three of five: A Storm of Swords (edit: well, SHIT, I just found out that there are seven planned books… I hate waiting!!!) and it is GREAT!

A Song of Fire and Ice differs from most fantasy series because the characters are not easily identified as “good” or “evil” and readers have to actually use their brains to decide what to think of them. 

Also, people die in this series (!!). SPOILER ALERT: the one character most easily identified as “good” dies in the first book.

So basically, you should definitely check these books out.

And yes I love fantasy novels, as well as romance and historical fiction. I also like Star Trek and I make no apologies. 

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