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I am going on a spending diet

June 17, 2011
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Between moving, living in this glamorous f*cking expensive city, traveling to weddings/for family stuff/to see my boyfriend, and allegedly saving $3,400 for retirement (your federal government matches my contributions up to a certain point, so I’m maxing that out as long as it lasts), the moral of this story is:

I am broke as a joke, son. 

Obvs this is not me. But this IS how I feel.

Just cut up 5 retail store credit cards and put myself on a self-imposed spending diet. I’m all up on Mint and trying to spend less on food and I’m not buying clothes or any other fun sort of items (which lead to this particularly pathetic moment in time). I’m also moving, as I mentioned above, to a place that costs $300-400 less a month (depending on utilities) and I’m hoping that will help me not suck at life.

Got any advice for me on how to keep my spending under control?  

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