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Does it count as a brick if the swim is 4 hours after the run?

June 28, 2011

I had an awesome (and very active) time this weekend.

Saturday morning (morning being like 11am since I can’t seem to get the running-early-on-the-weekends-thing down) I ran 7 miles with Brett out on the NCR Trail from Monkton Station to points north. It was beautiful, and sunny, and eventually very, very sweaty.

NCR Trail image courtesy Flickr user Vees

Oh, and by ran 7 miles “with” Brett — I mean he took off and finished a good ten minutes before me. I like to delude myself that someday I’m going to beat him, but really his legs come up to my boobs, so that’s probably unlikely.

After a delicious lentil burger, hummus, and red pepper wrap at the Natural Brothers Cafe right across from Monkton Station on the trail, we headed to Dick’s, where we both found awesome deals on swimsuits. Mine is reversible, which I think is awesome, because I can pretend to myself that I have two suits! In case you didn’t know, I’ve been whining about wanting to learn how to swim for fitness (ie not drown and not embarrass myself) and this week my friend Ali, who is an awesome swimmer and former coach, offered to give me and Brett some tips!

Brett and I picked Ali up and drove over to the North Arundel Aquatic Center, which turned out to be awesome. You should definitely check it out if you’re in the area.

Ali drilled us for a about an hour and a half, giving me tips about how to breathe without drowning and how to position my body. I’ve been swimming my whole life, but never very effectively or gracefully, or with any sort of purpose. Eventually with Ali’s pointers, I was able to eventually complete a couple of 100’s freestyle without feeling like I was going to die. Swimming felt pretty awesome, once I got the hang of it, and I’m excited to include it in my fitness routine!

To wrap up our very active day, I got the below and a hunk of salmon that I’m pretty sure was poached in butter and Old Bay. DELICIOUS and a perfect end to a great day.

Get in mah belly

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