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Kicked in the head Friday

July 1, 2011

I was really excited this morning when I got to the Rumsey Aquatic Center and found that it was open and ready for business! After getting lessons in how to swim correctly from my friend last weekend I’d really wanted to keep practicing my awesome form, but had been thwarted by a thunderstorm on Tuesday and at least fifty older ladies on Wednesday.

But today I got to Rumsey and the front door was open and I was finally good to go!

I signed in, showed my ID (DC pools are free if you have a DC driver’s license) and walked onto the pool deck.

And then… I paused.

There were another 50 older gentlewomen in the freaking pool. And I had CHECKED the freaking schedule. That class was supposed to start at 9 dammit! And it was only 8:15!! So much for the DC Parks and Rec website. (edit: I just checked while getting the link for the Rumsey pool… I still maintain it’s unclear, but if you open up a PDF you can see the full Rumsey lap schedule)

BUT at least this time they had kept four lanes. Except they switched it so that the lanes went across the skinny part of the pool, so each lap was about 20 yards long.

I finally just said eff it and jumped into the slow lane. DC pools were not going to beat me.

There was another woman in the slow lane with me, which was fine, because I had googled pool etiquette and knew that you are supposed to circle swim in that situations. There were even several signs up that said “CIRCLE SWIM!!” However the other lady in my lane… did not seem to notice those signs. She also, upon closer inspection, did not seem to notice that you are supposed to wear goggles in the pool. Instead, homegirl was just doing the breaststroke with her eyes closed, which resulted in me getting kicked in the HEAD within the first five minutes.

The rest of the swim was uneventful. Because they had moved the lanes, there was no mark at the end of the lane to tell you that you’re close to the wall, so I had to keep pulling up when I thought I was close to the wall. Didn’t do much for my momentum. On top of that, my anti-fog goggles were fogging up so badly that I had to rinse them out after pretty much every lap. Kind of a fail. I think maybe that it was just too hot in the pool area? I’d love any tips on how not to have foggy-ass goggles.

All in all, I guess it was a relatively successful (and of course, free!) trip to the Rumsey pool. I didn’t take any photos, because I didn’t want to be super creepy like that on my first time out there. I do really like swimming, and I really want to add it to my fitness routine. I really hope the next time I get out to the pool, it goes a little more smoothly.

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