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Random Friday Facts

July 8, 2011
This post idea courtesy Run This Amazing Day 🙂 
  1. Allegedly, I am moving tomorrow. Which is hilarious because I am not packed. I’m lucky enough to have my old apartment til July 26, so I don’t have to move everything at once, but knowing that I’m not packed is really stressing me out. I suck at moving.
  2. The two things I am most excited about my new place is 1) it has a washer/dryer IN THE APT (no, seriously, I’ve been driving to Baltimore to wash all my clothes at my bf’s place for a year), and 2) it’s near a bunch of gyms with fun classes and also really close to a DC public pool! (no more smelly-hot-closet gym in my work building, hurray!)
  3. I discovered this year that I am lactose intolerant. And now I’m curious if I was always lactose intolerant and just didn’t care or pay attention, or if I recently developed it. The human body is weird.
  4. I am NOT a foodie. Give me delicious modern American food (and a beer to go with it). I don’t do fancy molecular-gastro-bullshit-crap.
  5. I used to think I was really smart, and then I went to work on the Hill. Then I realized I am actually quite dumb.
  6. I like dogs more than most people.
  7. Reading sometimes ruins my schedule. I have a ridiculously hard time just putting down a book if I really like it, ie sometimes you can find me reading a book til 3 am and I literally can’t keep my eyes open anymore.
  8. I bite my cuticles. It’s gross, I know.
  9. I enjoy summer for about two whole days. Then I’m over it and I’m ready for fall.
  10. I am not Type-A at all – and it seems to me like many running/healthy living bloggers are? I am very relaxed and calm most of the time, and if something doesn’t go according to plan, I don’t scream, cry, bitch, or whine about it. Much. I believe that you enjoy life a lot more if you’re not freaking out all the time. (That being said, I’ve had a very Type-A boss say that it didn’t seem like I cared enough because I wasn’t freaking out in a crisis…Awkward.)

Have a great weekend friends! I’d post something about something healthy I’ve done recently, but mostly I’ve just watched Game of Thrones and been nervous about moving this week…

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  1. July 15, 2011 3:22 pm

    whoops, sorry, but you’re linked now!

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