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When is it ok to blow off working out?

July 21, 2011
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It’s ok:

When you’re embroiled in a never ending move

When the National Weather Service says to keep your ass indoors:

RANT: I hate it when I see people running outside in this weather. Running outside in weather that feels like 112 degrees does not make you badass. It makes you f*cking stupid. And it also might might make you pass out and die. Which wouldn't be so bad, because at least you'd be out of the gene pool.

When you’re working in the Senate and this is going on and your office is right in the thick of it, and you’re not getting home until 9, and your blackberry beeps every 10 minutes til midnight every night

When you wake up feeling and looking like this because you are so tired:

You're welcome for this one, friends.

So thats what’s going on with me this week. Hope yours is going better!

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