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Well that’s done.

August 2, 2011

And by that, I mean that:

AND that:

And BAM, the two things that were stressing me out the most are OVER. I don’t even know what to do with myself now.

Jussssst kidding, I totally do. Time to get back into my marathon training! So on Saturday I did a (hot) 10 miles on the West Bloomfield Trail.

I was back in Michigan for a wedding this weekend, and as I was trying to figure out where to run, I realized how ridiculous it was that I lived in the Great Lakes State for you know, 22 years, and NEVER ONCE RAN THERE. I didn’t even know where to find a real trail!

Enter my mom, who recommended the West Bloomfield Trail. Apparently it’s a rails-to-trails project (thanks Google!), and it’s certainly in a really nice area, but since I have a strong sense of self-preservation I wanted to see an exact map of the trail beforehand.

Well, color me surprised when I saw this on the website:

Not helpful, West Bloomfield Township. Not helpful.

Anyways, the trail actually turned out to be very nice and mostly shaded.

Obviously this is not me, but this is the WB Trail. And this photo was too awesome not to use. Credit user friday1970 on Flickr.

In the DMV metro area I usually run on the NCR trail or the C&O Canal trail, which go through some pretty rural areas and are very secluded, so I was surprised (and pleased) to find that this trail actually ran through some neighborhoods and commercial areas. This was especially helpful when I realized I had left my water bottle and Gu at a coffee shop (I’m a smartypants) and stopped in a gas station to get water at mile 4 and a 7/11 to get a Gatorade at mile 8. I’ve never seen a 20 oz Gatorade disappear so quickly. I made that sports drink my bitch.

I got home yesterday and promptly didn’t go to the gym. So today I was determined to knock out a 5 miler on the treadmill. I hate the heat, I hate it so bad that I prefer running like a hamster on a machine I also hate. But you know what? I had Shark Week to keep me company. And I was right, watching people getting attacked by sharks definitely motivated me to run.

So now sleep, and tomorrow RECESS! 🙂

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