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Random Friday Facts: Recess Version!!!!

August 5, 2011

1. I had this for lunch today. Be jealous.

Noms at Seventh Hill on Cap Hill

2. It’s recess, which means I ate that for lunch today, and I ALSO happy-houred last night AND went out to dinner AND got drinks after. It’s a little pathetic how much my social life improves during recess.

3. I’m going to visit my friend Kat in Austin next week! (because it’s recess – duh) I’m a little nervous about what Texas is like in August (uhhh this girl makes me even more nervous) but I’m SO excited to see Kat. It’s been almost two years!!! And I’ve heard amazing things about Austin, so in general I’m REALLY excited!

4. I really want to buy a bike and start biking to work/crosstraining, but the thought of going into a bike shop and asking for help makes my head hurt. The few times I’ve been in bike stores the employees have, pretty much uniformly, been snobby and dismissive and not-at-all willing to help a newbie. I mean, whatever bitch, I may not be able to tell a tube from a deraillieur (I googled “bike parts,” obvs) but if you’re nice and helpful I may drop some cash in your store. I really don’t understand this bike store business philosophy.

5. I’m doing speedwork tonight. Pray for me.

6. We have a problem with pantry moths in our apartment. I’ve tossed all my food and I refuse to buy more until they are all gone. Thinking about it is making me shudder right now.

7. My boyfriend’s roommate bought a Groupon for a party boat rental in Baltimore, and I have a boat driving license (they exist), so that means I’ll be drinking and driving a boat tomorrow evening, folks. Probably not best that I admit that…

8. I might go see a movie by myself tonight. I think it’s too bad that people think this is weird. I think it’s awesome to have a Beth date. Maybe I’ll buy myself some froyo too. And I don’t even have to put out after. Win!

9. Sometimes I photoshop coworkers’ faces onto movie posters and then print them out for them. There’s quite a few of them in my office including Man on Fire and Takers.

10. I’m going to sign off now, because I need to go listen to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on audiobook. Yes I’ve read the book five times, what’s the big deal?!

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  1. August 5, 2011 4:28 pm

    go to spokes etc. they are on quaker lane in alexandria and they will be super nice and hook you up, i promise.

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