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FML Friday

September 2, 2011

The last three weeks have been pretty rough. I’m not particularly articulate and some of it’s a little too personal to share, but work has been rough and my morale is low. I also went on my first 14 mile run on Tuesday before work (my longest run to date), felt fine, got back into my apartment, and immediately felt pain in my left foot, in a spot where I’ve never felt pain before.

It’s really hard to explain, but it hurts to the touch on the outside of my foot, and then it also hurts on the bottom when I’m walking. I’ve been gimping around work since Tuesday, and dedicating the rest of my time to the couch and Schlafly Pumpkin Ale. I’ve also been going to sleep at 10pm or before every night because I’m so freaking tired from being stressed out at work.

And the fact that the Schlafly is 8% alcohol might be helping me in that department as well…

Come to mama.

Basically, I’m a mess.

And today at work I totally ate my feelings.

What did I eat? Three pieces of pizza, diet Dr. Pepper, my coworker’s Thin Mints, and a DONUT I TOOK OUT OF THE GARBAGE. Granted, it was still in the Dunkin box, but seriously Beth? Has it really gotten that bad?

I finally got back to the gym tonight, and hit up the stationary bike for 9.35 miles in 35 minutes and the end of Resident Evil (apparently I can only watch horror movies at the gym, because I am in no way scared there amongst all the people and the fluorescent lights). I have no idea if that was a good pace on a bike, but I did a hill program and it destroyed me. Then I hopped on the elliptical, which my foot was not so happy about and knocked out another 30 minutes. I also forced myself to sign up for a 9am yoga class (and pay in advance) so I wouldn’t flake out tomorrow.

It felt good to get the old heart pumping again after a couple days on the couch, but what worries me the most about my foot is that I’m so stressed out and tired from work that I don’t even feel like I’d be super depressed if I missed the marathon because I was injured.

WTF? Where is my normal fire and passion to be better, to do more? I don’t like it at all that work seems to be sapping that energy out of me… Got some things I need to consider for the future.

But for right now, happy Friday and more importantly, HAPPY MICHIGAN FOOTBALL STARTS TOMORROW DAY!!!!!


P.S. Also, um, bike people, how do you keep your lady bits and bum from hurting? I already know that they’re going to be giving me grief tomorrow…

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  1. lou permalink
    September 2, 2011 11:33 pm

    Shucks. Sorry you’re down. Maybe its just post-vacation let-down, coupled with a grueling swing schedule.Take care of your feet – they’re the only ones you’ve got.:-O Feet implants are pretty rare so I hear.

  2. Harts permalink
    February 28, 2018 2:54 pm

    Did you find out what this was? How did you treat it? This is basically what I have now, limping around at work all day after doing a 13mile run on Sunday. Not had anything like this before!!!


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