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Hi! My name is Beth.

I’m a 25 26! year old lot-of-things. For instance: DC resident, reader, learner, runner, eater, displaced Michigander, photojournalism-masters-holder, social media lackey, Hill staffer.

I’m starting this blog as a way to get a grip on my life – I’ve been pretty much sucking at it since starting my fancy new job in mid-2010.

Some of the things I enjoyed before were: wasting time, sitting on my couch, television, beer, dining out, sleeping in, buying stuff, and not planning ahead or examining my life.

Ignore my double chin, please.

Some of the things I enjoy now include: all of the above, in much smaller quantities and mixed in with some much more healthy lifestyle choices.

I’ve also gotten back on the running train – last year I ran the Yuengling Shamrock Half-Marathon for Team in Training in honor of my stepbrother and his family.

But right after I ran the half, I felt exhausted, so I took a break from running. Well, that break ended up being 7 months long. Break fail. But I’m back at it now, with a vengeance 🙂

Thanks and nice to meet you!

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